GPS-powered Travel Encyclopedia + Giveaway

Most of us spend quite some time reading about my next destination as we have to read through tonnes of articles before we find the right information. Then, you finally discover some great tips and exciting suggestions, only to end up totally blanking out when you reach your destination. Don’t you wish you had your favourite articles or blog posts along? You can, of course, bookmark them, but what if you can’t find even the faintest bar of wifi anywhere in range? What if your mobile connection comes with a pocket draining data plan or, worse yet, you have no roaming at all?

Sometimes you can afford to spend hours or days doing your homework, printing out your articles or blog posts and maps. When you finally get there, you realise finding your way is still too hard and time-consuming. Don’t you wish there were a simple solution to your problem? Well, there is one!

It’s called GPSmyCity.

What is GPSmyCity, you ask? It is a travel encyclopaedia app that offers…

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