A Travel Guide To Namibia – The Most Surreal Country You Will Ever Visit!

Travel Guide To Namibia - Things To Do And Places To Stay | Red colored sand dunes, a diversity of wildlife and endless horizons... Namibia's unique landscapes will make you feel like you landed on a different planet. | via @Just1WayTicket

Last month I ticked off something huge from my bucket list:

A trip to Namibia.


Where is Namibia you’re asking? Fair question. There is not much tourism in Namibia yet, only about one million people travel to Namibia per year. If you’re
looking for a travel destination that’s not overrun by mass tourism, then Namibia might be an excellent choice.


Namibia is in Africa, located along the south-west coast, just above South Africa. It’s a large, but sparsely populated country, in fact it’s the second least densely populated country
on this planet. Only two million people live in Namibia, but the country is twice the size of Germany. And speaking of Germany, Namibia used to be a German colony, until it became
independent 25 years ago. Now you know.



When I visited South Africa last year, loads of people
were telling me that I should go to…

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