Climbing the Monteverde Ficus Tree (El Arbol Hueco/Ficus Tree)

Monteverde’s favorable climate and unique cloud forest is home to a abundance of ficus trees, also known as stranglers trees. These strangler trees leave behind a unique formation when it kills the host tree and in Monteverde, you can actually climb one of these hollow ficus trees!

Climbing the hollow Monteverde ficus tree is one of the best things to do in Monteverde. We visited in January 2021 so in this guide, you can plan your visit to this awesome tree!

How to Get to the Hollow Monteverde Ficus Tree (El Arbol Hueco/Ficus Tree)

Finding the hollow ficus tree in Monteverde is actually very easy. The entrance is right off the main road in front of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge sign. It is on Google Maps as “El Arbor Hueco/Ficus Tree” so put that into your Google…

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