10 Easy Harmonica Songs (& How to Play Them)


Even if you are cooped up in the house, it’s totally possible for us to keep on checking off items from our bucket list – because there are plenty of  fun things to do at home! For example, learning to play a song on a harmonica was a goal on my own bucket list; one that I’ve now checked off upon learning how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb! And honestly, learning the harmonica as a beginner can be done quickly, without any formal lessons, especially with these easy harmonica songs for you to get started with.

Harmonica Basics

Types of Harmonicas

Typically Harmonicas are seen to belong to three types of categories: diatonic, chromatic and tremolo, of which the first two are the more common types, the diatonic harmonica being the most common one of all.

Diatonic: Diatonic…

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