Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resort at Quivira Los Cabos in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas – or Cabo for short – has long been known as one of Mexico’s best vacation spots to hit, and it’s not without a good reason. Its brilliant blue beaches and wild marine life are especially worth the visit, though there’s plenty more on offer.

Thanks to its status as a prime place to go on for a holiday, some exquisite luxurious resorts have popped up right along its shoreline and in the city center, with the collection of Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts being some of the finest of them. Each resort has more than plenty to entertain you, from recreational activities to mouthwatering restaurants to pampering yourself at top quality spas. They all offer something unique, and this is especially true of The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacific in their Quivira Los Cabos community.

The Quivira Los Cabos Community

The Quivira Los Cabos community includes the luxurious resorts of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort, The Towers of Pacifica, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach,…

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