The Ultimate Costa Rica Travel Guide 2021 by Mytanfeet

Discover pura vida, or pure life, as they say in Costa Rica. Trek through lush rainforests, explore empty beaches and have an epic adventure filled vacation. Our 2021 Mytanfeet Costa Rica travel guide will help you plan your dream vacation.

First, Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country in Central America. Nicaragua borders the north and Panama borders the south.

Important Costa Rica Travel Information

Travel requirements (COVID)COVID-19 entry requirements: Every tourist must complete a health pass and purchase a travel insurance that covers a minimum of $50,000 USD for medical expenses and a minimum of $2,000 USD for extended lodging expenses. Please read our Costa Rica COVID-19 travel post and Costa Rica COVID-19 information for more details.

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. Many locals in touristic destinations and San Jose, the capital city speak fluent English.


The official currency of Costa Rica is called the Colón. The current exchange rate is 607 CRC to USD but the exchange…

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