60 Fun Activities & Things to Do When its Cold Outside

19. ✧ Attend a Hockey Game

Spend an afternoon surrounded by screaming fans, watching hockey players swoosh by, in an action pack game. With any luck you will be able to catch a flying hockey puck and keep it as a souvenir.

20. ✦ Take a Cooking Class

Being a restaurant owner and chef, I enjoy taking cooking classes when traveling around the world (but, you could also find some close to home). I have learned to make pierogi in Poland, pad thai in Thailand and macarons in France! There’s nothing like learning tricks and techniques from the experts at creating a dish.

If you are looking for  the best class in a different country or for a cooking school vacation, check out these articles:

21. ✦ Ice Skate on a Lake

Frozen ponds, lakes or rivers can provide you with some of the most scenic ice skating rinks around the world. Glide along, enjoying the fresh air—score some bonus bucket list points if you can learn to ice skate backwards. If you can’t find a lake or…

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