30 Things to Do in Thailand’s Best Northern City

Located in Northern Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai offers a different and spectacular vibe to those looking to discover Thailand beyond its beaches (though don’t miss those either!). From ziplining through the jungle to ogling a pure white temple to finding the best restaurant for a big plate of pad thai, there are so many things to do in Chiang Mai and attractions to see you won’t miss the sandy beaches at all. 

1. ✦ Get a Massage by a Prison Inmate

The Women’s Correctional Institution that’s located in Chiang Mai, is the type of a prison that teaches its inmates a variety of vocational skills, from massage to customer service, in order to increase their chances of acquiring a job upon release. Across the street from the prison lies the vocational training center, where you can go and get yourself a massage by an inmate in training. Their massages generally receive good reviews (my foot massage there was top notch!) and whatever tips you give, on top of the 180 baht…

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