A Guide to Swimming in Palau’s Freshwater Jellyfish Lake

When I told my friends about a pending trip to the tiny Micronesian island country of Palau to swim in something called Jellyfish Lake their faces had that half quizzical and half “you’re a crazy lady” look. The rapid-fire of questions followed; Why would you do that? Aren’t you scared? How many jellyfish are there in that lake? Will you wear a wetsuit?

What touched me the most is that the people closest to me actually thought I was courageous enough to jump into a lake surrounded by stinging jellyfish. Not a chance—I love bucket list adventures, but not ones where having to beg strangers to pee on my stinging woulds is a possibility. These freshwater jellyfish are stingless.

About Palau

Palau, a tiny speck of a country that doesn’t even register on Google Maps without having to powerfully zoom—its population is only 21,000. It is certainly a place that very few know much about. A Micronesian country in the western Pacific Ocean (800 miles southwest of Guam), Palau is…

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