How & Where to Get Fitted

I’m one of those women who look forward to going home just so I can take my bra off. It’s such a liberating feeling— how many of you ladies would agree with me? But, then I heard that I might just be wearing the wrong-sized bra (it’s estimated that 80% of women are!), because the perfect bra should fit snug and comfy all day. That’s when I decided to add having a professional bra fitting to my bucket list—and it was super simple to achieve.

Why is it Important to Have a Bra That Fits?

Wearing the right bra is essential not only to give your outfit a good overall look but also to properly support and hold your breasts. Most women aren’t aware that they’re wearing a wrong-sized bra. They simply pick which one fits, takes note of its size, and buy whatever bra that has the same size. Unfortunately, bras have no standard sizing. One bra may fit you perfectly, while another with the same size from another brand doesn’t.

Aside from being very uncomfortable, wearing an…

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