50 Strange Foods From Around the World

When you create your ultimate travel bucket list, what kind of items are you most accustomed to adding onto it? Do you stick to simply listing out the cities, and perhaps adding some of their most iconic sights? Or do you dig a little deeper and add some of the most traditional things to do, see and EAT?

Why not challenge yourself even further by adding a little bit of edible adventure to your next travel experience. From weird snacks to strange vegetables to unique desserts, and from American to Japanese, below are more than 60 weird foods from all over the world. Which ones will you dare to try?

1. ✧ Airag (Mongolia)

Also running under the name Kumis, this is a typical Mongolian beverage. And not just any type of a beverage, but a low alcohol percentage drink made out of mare’s milk! It is prepared fermented, using filtering through a cloth and stirring with a buluur, the process taking a couple of days to complete.

2. ✦ Alligator (United States)

Both in the past and present…

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