Culture & Traditions of the People

On the massive continent of Africa, there are several different tribes of people, many of which are still living in a way that’s loyal to its own traditional customs. One of these is the Maasai tribe and when you go on an African safari in Tanzania it’s possible to pay a visit to their land to have a firsthand peek at their lifestyle.

Along the safari routes on my trips to Tanzania with Shadows of Africa, I saw the Maasai people dozens of times. Their blue and red frocks gave them away every time. Not only are they scattered throughout the main roads, mostly herding their cattle. Their villages are also sporadically spread on the long stretches of land. But, what is Maasai culture all about?

Who are the Maasai People & History

The Maasai tribe is a semi-nomadic ethnic group from East Africa, mostly settled in northern Tanzania and Kenya. Their spoken language is Maa, derived from Nilotic languages, most specifically falling under the category of Eastern Nilotic.


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