8 Life-Changing Books About Fear and How to Overcome it

With negative news, high-pressure careers, natural disasters, violence and epidemics, it’s really no wonder why some people can be plagued with fears—hands begin to shake as the heart starts beating faster. All of this anxiety can cause people to stop living the bucket list lifestyle they dream of.

So, how can we overcome these fears? How can we stay calm and strong in the face of turmoil? What do we do when the fear tries to paralyze all our being? There were a set of tools I used to face my anxiety and fears that might help you, but also these 8 books on fear contain decades of experience, and can guide you in the right direction.

The Gift of Fear

1. The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Most of us hate fear. But Gavin de Becker claims it’s a GIFT. Seriously? Yes seriously, the author is an expert on predicting violent behavior and he explains that our true fear is a signal that is called to protect us.

“You can refuse to be a victim.”(1) states de Becker. He describes the warning…

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