Getting Reservations at Napa’s The French Laundry & What to Expect

Anyone who makes a trip to the Napa Valley usually has two priorities—wine and food. It is one of the best places in the world for a gastronomic experience (and I am lucky to live only 45 minutes away!). Most foodie conversations about this region inevitably include The French Laundry, a Thomas Keller’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant. Eating here is on many people’s bucket list, myself included. Though getting French Laundry reservations can be very difficult, and eating there is quite expensive, the experience was completely worth the time and money spent.

What Exactly is The French Laundry?

A premier restaurant for fine French cuisine, The French Laundry is housed in a two-story stone cottage that used to be a French steam laundry at one point in time. Keller purchased the property in 1994, turning it into a world-class restaurant with delectable cuisine and impeccable service. It has won numerous accolades over the years and a three-star rating from the Michelin…

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