Learn to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness in Ireland

Besides the sprawling green landscapes, captivating Irish castles and leprechauns, Ireland is also famous for its beer—Guinness beer to be more specific! Although other brands and breweries exist, it’s the “black stuff” that is the most known in the country and beyond.

I had been in Ireland for two whole days yet still refrained from drinking the countries best selling alcoholic beverage, a pint of Guinness stout. Why? Because I had never even had a sip, much less a pint, before and I wanted my first time to be at the Guinness Storehouse Brewery in Dublin, where the phenomenon started. True story.

Luckily, I wouldn’t have to wait too long to be broken of my Guinness virginity. On day three we headed over to the Guinness Storehouse, an operation that’s expansiveness covers three postal codes and the capacity to brew 20 million pints a day.  We would be touring the seven stories dedicated to the history and making of this world famous beer. But, that’s not all. We…

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