35 Travel Safety Tips to Know Before Your Next Trip

Hermance Village in Geneva Switzerland

Fear of Getting Robbed

There is something about going abroad that leads travelers to believe that there are con artists on every corner scoping out your valuables, which is just not true. Of course in rare cases it can happen, so you should be aware that most crooks on the streets are looking for an easy target. Don’t be one of them.

Targets of robberies are typically those who are distracted, carrying expensive equipment, or who leave their belongings unattended, which is why tourists are at a higher risk. Crime can happen anywhere, but pickpockets are statistically known to be more likely to take place in the crowded touristy sections of town; these are the areas you need to be the most cautious. You can go out and purchase expensive anti-theft pants and money belts, but by using common sense and taking simple safeguards, your odds of being a target will severely lessen.


21. Be Alert
Stay alert, most petty crimes happen when people are distracted….

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