Best Quirky Café in Japan? Tokyo’s Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku

I admittedly am a dog girl, specifically puppies (because they are the cutest animals on the planet!) It is actually on my dog bucket list to be locked in a room with dozens of puppies while they lick my face with their delightful young dog breath. Is that weird? Maybe. But, not nearly as strange as the Calico Cat Café in the Shinjuku prefecture of Tokyo.

By now, cat cafes have slowly begun springing up all over the world—from Helsinki to New York. Some cities may have just the one cat café, while others have a few to choose from. And then there is Tokyo, and Japan in general, where there are plenty of cat cafes to choose from. And one of the best (and most popular) is the Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku.

What is a Cat Café & Why are they Popular in Tokyo

Japan is known for its unique experiences, like Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant, where scantily clad girls ride twelve foot steel horses as live stuffed animals prance around the stage. So it wasn’t a…

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