Putting on my Big Girl Panties and Giving Blood

Confession: I am terrified of needles, or more so, the knowledge of impending pain. And that’s why I will painstakingly admit to confession #2, that even though ‘giving blood’ was on my bucket list, I really had no intention of ever completing this goal.

This is when I realized that, even though I claim to always be up for a challenge, sometimes even I need a little assistance to give me the security and strength. Enter…my mom…my blood-sucking courage.

She had given blood many times before and convinced me that the feeling of saving lives would far outweigh the fear of that damn needle piercing my poor, unscathed arm. Though she said this, I was well aware that she was really just after the free catered meal that followed my blood being evacuated from my veins.
Annette White giving blood

We were greeted at the community center by a cordial Blood Bank of the Redwoods volunteer and the tiniest bottle of water that I had ever seen.

After the minimal paperwork, which confirmed that I…

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