Swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman

There’s nothing quite like a close encounter with marine creatures, whether it be a school of colorful fish off the islands of Raja Ampat or floating beside whale sharks in Cancun. But, in the Caribbean’s Grand Cayman sealife is all about swimming with stingrays in Stingray City. At least it was for me.

What is Stingray City?

Imagine standing on a sandbar in shallow turquoise-blue waters surrounded by dozens of southern stingrays. Pretty great, right? But, that’s not all. Also, imagine being able to interact with them. That’s what the Stingray City experience is all about.

The ‘city’ is actually a set of sandbars in the Grand Cayman island where there is an abundance of stingrays. It all started many years ago when fishermen would throw the remains of their catch into the shallow waters attracting stingrays who would gather there to feast on them. So, the stingrays here have been accustomed to boats and humans for decades. For me, Stingray City…

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