35 Romantic Ideas and Cute Things to Do

Before you go on to say Valentine’s Day is overrated, let me just stop you right there. I, for one, LOVE Valentine’s Day, (It’s another story that my husband couldn’t care less about it). From surprise gifts and candlelight dinners to true romance and the festive ambiance, there is something special about the day that gives you butterflies in your stomach.

If you are like me, you must start planning to do something special for your special someone well in advance. Perhaps, you are completely clueless as how to go about it. Chocolate and roses are so overdone, and this year, you want the day to be absolutely unique. How about I share a few of the best romantic and cute ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day? You can thank me later!

1. ✧ Start a Couple’s Bucket List

Let’s start with my favorite Valentine’s Day idea of them all. Do you have some couple goals you wish to achieve this year? Jot it down on a notebook and create your very own…

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