17 Great Things to Do on the Prettiest Bahamas Islands

Often, when we think of beach destinations to visit, our eyes quickly dart towards Southern Europe and South East Asia. However, as overlooked as they may sometimes be, the islands in The Caribbean are also well worth the visit—they are magical. One of the top contenders among them are the Bahamas, specifically speaking their Exuma Islands.

They’re a great destination for a traveler who will want to consume themselves with crystal clear turquoise blue waters, find themselves surrounded by paradise, get acquainted with local wildlife, and most of all get to do that in a location that everyone’s Instagram feeds aren’t filled with…yet.

Exuma Bucket List: Great Things to Do on the Prettiest Bahamas Islands

About the Exuma Islands

The Exuma Islands are known for their translucent aquamarine waters. Bordering the endless shades of blue were the powder-white sand beachfronts of the crescent-shaped shallow islands. There are 365 of these cays along this section of the Bahamas, covering 130 brilliantly turquoise miles.

Some are privately owned by…

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