An E-Bike Tour Through the Utah Mountains

From Snow Canyon to Bryce Canyon, it is no doubt that Utah is home to some of the most beautiful mountains, trails and landscapes. Thousands of people visit the state each year, typically getting to the breathtaking parks and landmarks by car. But, for those of you looking for something more unique—shall we say bucket list worthy—how about an adventurous e-bike tour?

That’s right you can bike the perimeters of the mountainous parks getting closeup views that can not be seen from the front seat of a car. Oh, and because you will have pedal assist with your electric bike, 20 miles will seem like a breeze! Not to mention, there are picnic lunches, educated tour guides and picturesque hikes along the way.

Escape Adventures: An E-Bike Tour Through the Utah Mountains

About Escape Adventures

Escape Adventures has been the innovation in eco-friendly biking and multi-sport tours since 1992, giving people memorable experiences in the Southwest United States and beyond. Their main goal is to combine a low-impact to the environment with an epic…

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