Top 16 Reasons You Should Take a European Viking River Cruise

When it comes to cruises, ocean liners usually get all the attention. But cruises aren’t limited to just the Caribbean, or even to the summer months. Viking River Cruises offers all kinds of scenic cruises through Europe—year-round, through rivers (and now oceans)—for travelers who want to enjoy the journey and a few destinations along the way.

I have been lucky enough to have taken quite a few Viking European river cruises—from the Rhine in Switzerland to the Rhône in France to the Danube in Budapest (one of the favorites was the Christmas Market river cruise along the Rhine!).

If you are trying to decide whether to river cruise or not, I’ve put together a list of reasons why you should choose to take a European Viking River Cruise.

1. There are Fewer Passengers

No matter how nice your cruise ship is, you’re probably not going to enjoy it nearly as much if it’s cramped and crowded with long waits at the buffet or no available lounge chairs. The Viking River…

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