25 Products To Take on Your Next Flight

If you are flying on a budget, you’re probably booked on a flight with a little less legroom and a full cabin, plus you might be traveling in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Ugh!

Not to sound like a spoil-sport, but let’s be real: even if you’re not flying with a budget carrier, the seat pitch, occasional turbulence, close quarters, and constant noise in economy class doesn’t set us up for the most comfortable flight.

Cool Airplane Ready Products & Gadgets to Make Your Long Haul Flight More Comfortable

We’ve all seen those people in airports who look like they’ve just left some kind of spa, right? The ones with inexplicably grease-free hair after their flight, with makeup fully intact and clothes unwrinkled? In other words, not me. If you’re one of those travelers, hats off to you—please head directly to the comments and let us all know how you do it. For the rest of us, sometimes we need to call in backup in the form of some helpful travel accessories.

For me, it’s totally worth it to spend a little bit more for a lot of…

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