Top 5 luxury hotels in the Zanzibar archipelago

Forget Mauritius, in recent years it’s Zanzibar and its surrounding islands that have emerged as the go-to location for luxury travellers looking to kick back by the Indian Ocean. But searching online for the perfect hotel can be overwhelming at first. The area isn’t short of hotels by any means. From backpacker lodges to the most high-end of boutique resorts, any visitor to the collection of paradise islands will be spoilt for choice, making it impossibly hard to decide where to plant your beach towel. Below are five of the Zanzibar Archipelago’s top luxury hotels, each located in different corners of paradise.

Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort

In Pongwe, on the eastern side of the island, you’ll find the luxury 5-star hideaway of Tulia. The hotel is named after the Swahili word meaning “relax,” and the peace and tranquillity that the resort offers will make it hard not to. What sets Tulia apart is its size. The resort is small, giving it a…

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