Tips for Hiring a Guide in Costa Rica: Is it Necessary?

If you’re looking to experience Costa Rica to the fullest, particularly the nature and wildlife, then something you should strongly consider is guided tours. Even though you may think that you can spot the toucan or see the sloth on your own, Costa Rica (despite the marketing), is not a zoo and for someone who really wants to see tons of wildlife or learn about the flora and fauna, hiring a naturalist guide in Costa Rica is worth the extra bucks.

You have probably already been wondering and researching to see if you should take guided tours and this post will help you decide.

Booking Guided Tours in Costa Rica

There are a few things to know about booking guided tours.

All adventure activities have guides

These are activities like white water rafting, kayaking, ziplining, canyoning, horseback riding and ATV tours, activities that require trained guides with a specific skill set to operate. So whenever you sign up for any of them, they automatically have guides. (You don’t know…

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