Dallas for Hipsters – Cool Things To Do

By Adam Groffman

When people hear I grew up in Dallas, Texas, there’s often an initial bit of surprise. Texas conjures up a flurry of preconceived ideas & stereotypes—most of them wrong. And while most people have heard of Dallas, they assume Austin is one of the state’s only cool hotspots. But just as Houston has a handful of cool hotspots, Dallas has its own share of cool things to see and do.

Dallas for Hipsters - Cool Things To Do - Travels of Adam -

While Dallas itself as a city might appear relatively quiet—there’s not much street life—the city is home to some of the world’s best arts & cultural institutions. And with an impressive culinary scene and surprisingly hip nightlife, the city makes for a great weekend break. Probably the most important historical attraction in Dallas is the site of JFK’s assassination at the Dealey Plaza and the corresponding Sixth-Floor Museum inside the book depository. It’s an important site for USA history, but after you’ve checked that off your to do list, try some of the more…

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