5 stops you mustn’t miss when visiting Lake Orta in Italy

In Northern Italy, west of Lake Maggiore, you will find Lake Orta. Though not the biggest egg in the basket, it is surely one of the most beautiful lakes. It appears as if all the charm and memories of the larger lakes are found in this small sub-Alpine lake.

San Giulio Island, Lake Orta

Definitely a place for awe-inspiring moments! The discreet beauty of the landscape, enthralling history and wealth of artistic treasures, mainly Romanesque and Baroque architecture, create a favourite area around the lake.

Island view, San Giulio, Lake ORta

The Island of San Giulio

Of great importance is the story of the only island in Lake Orta, San Giulio. Only 140m wide and 275m long and less than 400m from Orta’s main square, piazza Motta. There are signs of communities as far back as the Neolithic era but it was deserted during Roman times. It was also known as a pre-Christian cult center. The two Greek brothers, Giulio and Giuliano, arrived on Lake Orta at the end of the 4th century for a very good reason:…

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