Confession: I Still Get Anxiety Before Every Trip I Take

I’ve always had anxiety before I travel, and becoming a travel blogger didn’t change that.

I LOVE to travel and I get so excited before a trip, but I also have a pit in my stomach that I can’t even pinpoint what’s wrong. I get it if I travel alone, mostly, but even when I travel with someone else.

Anxiety Before Traveling

An unexpected thing I’ve noticed is that not only do I get anxiety before I travel, but a lot of travel bloggers have written that they do, too. I think people think you’re either a traveler or you’re not, and if someone feels anxiety, they think they fall in the latter group.

But seeing the high percentage of travel bloggers who admit to getting anxiety when they travel, it makes you think most people must get a little anxiety, just statistically. Literally, thousands of results come up if you google traveling with anxiety and some of the top posts are from Adventurous Kate, Neverending Footsteps, and Living in Another Language.

If you search,…

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