“Today was the worst day of my life”

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As I have mentioned a few times, my parents are in the midst of a trip to Scotland.  During the trip, my mom has been acting as a “roving reporter”.   For previous posts in the series, see

A cliffhanger of an email

Late Saturday night, I get a message from my mom saying..

Today was close to the worst day ever in my life. It was so bad, I can’t tell you about it until tomorrow. But we are now finally safe in our hotel in Glasgow

dun… Dun… DUN!!!!

Since I knew they were safe and sound and not in any physical danger, I thought I’d have a bit of fun and try to figure out what had gone wrong over on our free Facebook miles and points discussion group

I figured it had to be something REALLY bad to make it the worst day ever!  I didn’t vote in the poll…

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