Mid-year inventory: we have how many miles and points?!

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My miles and points balances are always in a state of flux. I’ve burnt more on short, small trips this year than in previous years, as our travel patterns have changed a bit.

Last year we spent roughly half a million miles and points on a 30 day, 6 country adventure in Europe. We saved a lot of hotel points for this endeavor, and it pretty much cleaned us out of everything except IHG points (at the time).

Now we’ve been taking trips that are no more than a week, burning what seem like only handfuls of points at a time. Yet…I tend to feel like the well is running a bit dry.

Mid-2017 points & miles inventory

I *do* have an Award Wallet account, which is a great resource. I highly suggest you sign up. I used their numbers to get my totals, plus looking up the…

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