5 years ago today I set a speed-traveling world record #DiveInAllFive

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A few years ago, some friends of mine and I decided that we would try to jump in all 5 Great Lakes in one day.  We are prone to doing silly roadtrips like this, and jumping in all 5 Great Lakes in one day seemed to fit the bill!

[EFOHC: 88 counties of Ohio in under 24 hours]

[EFNEC: Time Lapse video of visiting all 67 counties in the 6 New England states in 27 hours]

We currently hold the world record for this “feat”, with a time of 8 hours, 51 minutes and 44 seconds.  If you want to try and get a piece of our “fame” and “glory”, the ground rules are:

– participants must jump and run into each Great Lake

– may not toe-tap

– timing starts when participants are on the shore of the first Great Lake

– timing stops when participants are submerged…

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