Travelling & Island Hopping in Croatia: A Budget Travel Guide

Croatia is one of Europe’s hit holiday destinations – and a great choice for mixing cultural and historical highlights with some fun-in-the-sun.

Okay, Croatia can be a bit polished. I’ll admit that as an independent traveller my heart beats a little faster for countries that are maybe a bit more undiscovered or diverse. Croatia feels a bit more like a ‘holiday’ place to me than a ‘travel’ place, if that makes any sense. I did have two fantastic holidays there, on which my tips here are based.

While it gets very crowded in summer, Croatia fortunately hasn’t befallen at all to the kind of large-scale development you see on some other Mediterranean coastlines. Everything remains at a pleasant scale, with accommodation coming mostly in the form of smaller boutique hotels, private rooms, and backpacker-friendly hostels.

Intrepid explorers might want to hit up the greater Balkan region, though I highly recommend Croatia for a fun and easy country to travel.

Croatia: why…

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