The Best Ways to Learn a Language Online

By Adam Groffman

SPONSORED — I’ve had my fair share of experiences learning various languages. Earlier this spring, I traveled to Spain for an intensive, one-week Spanish course. In Germany, I’ve been continuously learning the language since I moved here. Learning languages is never going to be easy as an adult unless you make it an absolute priority and spend 8 hours per day buried in verbs, nouns and grammar. But who has time for that?!

Rather, the best way to learn a language is to commit to it in whatever way you can. It’s important for it to be a part of your daily life as much as possible. And if you’re not living or traveling in the home country of your target language, the easiest way to learn is to simply make the language a part of your daily life. And what better way for that than making it a part of your online life? Over the past month, Rosetta Stone invited me to learn Spanish from afar. By using their website, and more importantly, their app, I’ve made…

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