“Extras” add up – airlines earned how much in ancillary revenue?!

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In the “good old days”, as some seasoned frequent flyers will assert, everything was included in your ticket. Your airfare included everything most passengers needed, including a checked bag, an in-flight meal, and a seat assignment. Once your fare was booked, your mind was at ease. It was one-stop-shopping. Airlines made money selling tickets, plain and simple.

Things are now quite different. The model has changed to one that charges consumers for all the “extras” of flying. Checked bag? That’ll be $25. You want lunch while in the air? Fork over $7.99. Booking a ticket is now a lot like eating at a buffet. You pick the elements you want, and leave the rest.

Airlines earn $28 billion from “extras”

And the airlines are raking in the dollars from this…

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