Luxury travel treats: sailing special


This week we’ll be driving to Brittany in France so that our boys can compete in the World Championships for the boat that they sail. It seems fitting, therefore, that this week’s round-up of luxury travel treats has a focus on sailing gear. Whether you’re into race sailing or something a little more leisurely, you’re sure to find some items here that will be perfect for your next adventure on the water.

Code Zero hybrid drysuit from Gul

Drysuits can be a little bit restrictive when it comes to movement but with the Code Zero 4mm hybrid neo semi-drysuit from Gul, you can enjoy all the warmth and comfort of a drysuit but with plenty of mobility. It’s the perfect performance semi-dry and features Gul’s 4-layer evo-waterproof fabric upper body, combined with an X-flex thermal super stretch neoprene lower body. It has 100% Waterproof seams, providing maximum stretch and ventilation, and has been race…

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