10 ways yacht charters trump other luxury vacations


Maybe you take a family holiday every year, but you want this one to be special. You’re tossing up between all the usual luxury vacation options the exclusive hotel or private villa, the high-end cruise ship or island resort.

Forget all that. There’s a much better way – one which combines all the best of these traditional holiday choices and surpasses them with ease. A luxury yacht charter beats all the other vacation options, hands-down.

Motor yacht Jajaro in Sardinia

So what makes a yacht so special? And how does a superyacht charter trump all other vacation options? Let us count the ways.

On a yacht…..

The view is always changing

No matter how much you pay for your hotel suite or villa, you will wake up each day to the same view. On a yacht, you’ll float through landscapes of immense beauty, from secluded anchorages to tropical beaches, from puffing volcanoes to glamorous ports. Each meal is taken on deck with a different backdrop,…

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