Top tips for visiting Sri Lanka


Did you know that Marco Polo once wrote that Sri Lanka was the finest island he had ever seen? Ever since the 12th century until present day, Sri Lanka has remained a popular exotic island country which is descended upon by travellers each year, especially during the peak holiday seasons. Visiting Asia’s tropical paradise is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never regret for it offers the perfect combination of luxury, scenic views, rich culture, and abundant history.

Imagine travelling to a small island akin to the ones you may have read about in fairy tales as a child – a magical destination where you’ll find misty mountains, golden beaches, lush green tea trails and blue azure waters that will captivate your senses. If you’re thinking of travelling to an exotic island in the south of India, let this be your ultimate luxury travel guide to Sri Lanka.

When is the ideal time to visit Sri…

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