Top 5 activities in the Andaman Islands


The Andaman Islands are wrapped in an exotic appeal and blessed with nature’s bounties; this picture-postcard perfect location in the Indian Ocean is one of the best beach destinations in the world. With such a description, most people assume that all you can do in Andaman is bask in the sunshine as you relax by the beach. But, in reality, there are adventures strewn throughout the islands and discovering them is a joyful experience. Here are five of the best activities in the Andaman Islands.

Water-based activities

Words escape you when you try to describe the shades of blue in the Andaman waters. The stretch of white sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets and mesmerizing underwater sights of fishes and corals makes Andaman a great place for water activities. The islands offer an array of them from sea walk to scuba diving to snorkelling to semi-submarine rides and glass-bottom boat rides.

All the tourist-friendly…

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