The most remarkable Spanish UNESCO Sites


Spain has the third highest number of UNESCO sites of any country in the world, with only China and Italy beating it by a few sites each. They include some of the most famous European monuments and instantly recognizable Spanish icons, from the spectacular Alhambra to Gauds fantastical Barcelona creations. There are other special places, however, which attract fewer headlines but which have a unique and irreplaceable appeal.

The indigenous blend of biodiversity and culture in many Spanish islands has received well-deserved UNESCO recognition. The beautiful, pristine island of Menorca captured UNESCOs attention for its landscape and its extraordinary plants and animals, many of which were both threatened with extinction and to be found nowhere else.

Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. This status places it with just over 400 other globally important areas, where the rich history and wildlife…

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