Can you name these 7 unusual Costa Rican animals?


As you explore the forests and wildlife refuges of Costa Rica, you’re bound to come across some furry creatures that you won’t recognize. Read on so you know what to look for!

You can visit refuges that serve to rehabilitate injured animals get a closer look at these exotic creatures at places like Project Ass and Jaguar Rescue Center. To see these animals in the wild, take a trek through the dense, primary rainforest of Corcovado National Park. This park is known for being one of the most biodiverse places on earth and is worth an extended trip with an experienced guide.


Agoutis probably remind you of several other small rodents their appearance is somewhere between a rat and guinea pig. They have incredibly strong teeth, and they can pop Brazil nuts open like its no big deal. If they have extra food, they bury their nuts to save them for later. When startled by a predator, agoutis can jump an…

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