How to fly business class for the price of economy


In an ideal world, wed all love to travel in business class. Business offers leg space, delicious food, the ability to sleep in an appropriate horizontal position and, most importantly, Champagne on tap – which all culminate in a very civilised flight experience. Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees. But fear not: it is possible to swindle business class seats, minus the business price tag. Heres how:

1. Join a frequent fliers programme

Airlines offer upgrades to their most loyal flyers. To join a frequent flyer programme, simply sign up online. If you don’t actually fly that often, get an airline credit card that gives you reward points for purchases- most credit cards will reward you a certain amount of points for money spent. The advantage of accruing miles via your credit card is that it generally gives results quicker than using a loyalty programme; not everyone flies constantly but youre probably going to…

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