5 Best Pocket-Size Travel Games

A deck of playing cards is considered an essential packing list item by many travellers. But that old boring deck of 52 playing cards limits you to playing just a few standard games. Soon enough, everyone gets sick of playing yet another round of Shithead or Spoons!

What if you want to play something a bit different? I asked my friend Glenn, who has a blog about casual games called Best Play, to reveal his recommended travel-size board and card games.

— Guest post by Glenn White


Whether you’re travelling for just a weekend or going away for months you need some entertainment. Not only can games provide this they but they can also be a great ice breaker and help you get to know your fellow travellers. Space is a premium though and you only have room for a few tiny boxes that you’d be happy to play over and over again.

The Video

Love Letter  

Love letter is tiny. In fact, it’s comprised of just 16 cards and a few little red cubes in a delightful…

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