Top 5 Reasons to Make a Stopover in Iceland

Making a stopover in Iceland has been of my best travel decisions of 2017 thus far.  Yes, I know, Iceland is such a “trendy” place to go to these days, but it’s for good reason.  Between the Icelandic ponies, waterfalls, Northern Lights, and scenery that I didn’t even know existed on this earth, it makes for an epic place to visit. I’m going to share a handful of reasons to make a stopover in Iceland, although the images alone will probably convince you.

When I found out many airlines, like WowAir, offer complimentary stopovers to Iceland from both the United States and Europe, I booked a flight ASAP (and at a great price). I chose to fly from Amsterdam to Washington D.C. then on the way back Washington D.C. to Reyaktvik and finally back to Amsterdam. Although it sounds like a lot of stops, it was well worth it to explore Iceland and see what the rave is all about.

1.)  The Scenery is uniquely amazing.

Visiting Iceland was like being on an entirely different…

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