Hyundai H1 Costa Rica Car Rental

If you’re visiting Costa Rica with a big group or have a big family and want to rent a car, a van is the best option for groups of 6 or more. A very common van to rent in Costa Rica is the Hyundai H1 which can hold up to 12 people.

Hyundai H1 Van Rental in Costa Rica

This Hyundai H1 van comes in automatic and manual transmission, is normally diesel (gas is available too) and fits up to 12 people with all the jumper seats. However, the trunk space is very minimal so you actually won’t be able to fit a full 12 people plus luggage.

Hyundai H1 Costa Rica Car Rental
Hyundai H1 Costa Rica Car Rental

You can perfectly fit up to 9 adults and use the back row for luggage though. Even though a large 7 passenger SUV like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport can fit up to 7 people, if your group is bringing a lot of luggage (check in plus backpack/carry on for each person), it won’t fit so the van will be a better option.

Hyundai H1 Costa Rica Car Rental – Where You Can Drive This Car

The van isn’t 4×4. It’s 4×2 but…

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