One big secret you should know to save on around the world business class flights


If you ever considered taking an around the world trip, you may have experienced sticker shock. The world?s leading airline alliances, such as One World and Star Alliance, rarely discount their published Around the World fares. One way to find lower Around the World fares is through offshore origination: in other words, changing the country your flight originates from.

Although it may seem to be an out-of-the-box strategy, international business and first-class travelers have been SAVING BIG OFFSHORE for decades. There is currently a gap of more than $6,000 between the least expensive and most expensive Around the World tickets; the only difference is the country the flight originates from. In addition to the initial cost savings on your ticket, there are also intangible benefits realized over the lifespan of the trip, such as additional segments, that add to the lower total cost.

Where are the best and worst…

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