Top 10 walking hotspots in France


Whether you’d prefer gentle walking along the shores of Brittany’s?Emerald Coast, meandering winding routes past fairytale ch?teaux in the Loire, or leisurely strolling through the lush Proven?al countryside, travelling on foot in France is one of the best ways to get about. But which is your favourite region out of the 10 below?


The beautiful Emerald Coast: rose-gold cliffs, heather-backed beaches and quaint fishing villages. And inland, visit mediaeval towns and ancient sites. Not forgetting the superb seafood, sweet and savoury cr?pes and the refreshing Breton cider.

Brittany coast

The Loire

Gentle relaxing walks off-the-beaten-track taking in the majestic ch?teaux, sleepy wine villages and sprawling vineyards of the Loire Valley. The Loire prides itself on its delicious cuisine and fine wines, so there’s plenty of wine-tasting en route.

The Loire

The Dordogne

Gastronomic food, beautiful mediaeval villages and historic…

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