How to buy Machu Picchu tickets (without extra costs)

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Having just gotten back from Machu Picchu, I thought I would write a quick tutorial on how to buy Machu Picchu tickets.  There are several sites talking about how to buy Machu Picchu tickets, but many of them are just fronts for travel agencies who are looking to sell you tickets for Machu Picchu with additional charges and/or fees.  You can buy tickets for Machu Picchu directly from the Peruvian government with no fees, AND pay for a credit card.

How to buy Machu Picchu tickets – direct from the Peruvian government

The first step in buying tickets for Machu Picchu is to go to the official Peruvian government site.  At the time of this writing, that was at

By default it’s in Spanish, but you can click the British flag in the…

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