5 places in Italy with amazing mosaics


Italy’s museums and churches are full of incredible masterpieces: oil?paintings, sculpture, centuries-old frescoes, and more. But mosaics, in particular, are a unique and durable art form steeped in history. Mosaics are made of colored stones or glass (often with a gold leaf sandwiched between two layers) therefore vibrant colors can last many centuries and resist fading. Imagine the amount of work it is to plan the overall image (on a curved ceiling no less!), break it down into its various color components, cut all those tiny little cubes of stone to the exact dimensions, and then painstakingly adhere each one to the pre-planned spot on a ceiling or wall or floor. For any traveler who would like to see amazing mosaics in Italy, we have five recommendations.

St Mark?s Basilica, Venice

This is an easy one. No need to even go off the beaten track! Venice is one of Italy?s ?big three? tourist destinations, and St…

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