3 of the Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

Oh Greece, the place that captured my heart and sparked the travel bug that has led me to follow my dream of traveling the world. Whether it was those bluer than blue seas, white buildings, or archaeological sites, Greece holds a special place in my heart. And if you are into experiencing all types of cultural, Greece should be right at the top of your list.

Greece boasts eighteen UNESCO cultural sites spread across the entire country.

So if you want to experience the Mediterranean, the mainland, or the northern providence, you can take your pick. They also span different time periods of Greece so you get peak into the varied history of Greece. But here are my top three sites not only because of their historical significance but also their unique stories.

Corfu UNESCO in Greece

Whatever you could want, you can find it in Corfu. It has the beautiful combination of Greek and Venetian architecture and culture. Corfu sits right off the west coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea and saw its allegiance…

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